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Oklahoma, infamously, has the highest divorce rate in the U.S. at 65%. However, how has the law on divorce over time changed? pairs per thousand were divorced in and eight couples per thousand divorced by
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We closely monitor all changes to Oklahoma divorce laws and statutes. From time to time, the Oklahoma legislature makes new rules that directly impact the procedures for filing for divorce. Our attention to detail is one of the 1 reason a person should consider hiring us to draft your Oklahoma Uncontested Divorce Forms. The most important consideration when comparing divorce form providers is our success rate. Simply read our reviews on Facebook and Google for more proof in our proverbial pudding!

Thank you for reading! Focus on not fighting over petty stuff. When it comes to property division are you fighting over a piece of property or a part of the emotional history? How will this process affect your children if you have kids? What will the end process look like if you guys settle peacefully versus trying to establish who is the worst person?

Your friends are not your friends during the divorce. Although they mean well they will often lead you down the road that could cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars. Having a neutral third-party mediator is an excellent option because the mediators not biased toward anyone's side. Personal Property will be replaced, but friendships can be destroyed for life.

Although the marriage is ended, the bridge does not have to burn. In fact, living on opposite sides of the bridge may make your relationship better when you have space. Consider the thought that having space may allow for a friendship to be rekindled, which is always better than having enemies. Remember that very expensive divorces happen because of spite more so than substance.

All too often, divorce attorneys are the only winners in a divorce. What is the most important outcome for you? If you can narrow down and focus on a settlement that helps both parties go forward without injury or as little injury as possible, then it may be possible for your div for your divorce to not cause a massive scar on your life. Oklahoma Divorce Mediators. Table of Contents. Uncontested Divorce in Oklahoma, Inc. Angela made the process extremely painless and simple. She was very professional and even gave us a same day appointment.


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Our documents were completed on the same day!! I would highly recommend this company. They were so helpful and made everything go super fast!

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Thank you so much for making this an easier process! Very helpful, patient and easy to work with. Even after several of revisions, complete changes to paperwork and months of delay they were always more than willing to fix what I needed. Angie, thank you for all of it. Once the judge saw us it only took 5 minutes for all of the papers to be signed! They were very helpful and professional.

They got me in on the same day I called. They were efficient and nice.

Absolutely amazing service. Friendly people. Explained in great detail how to get every step done correctly.

Very professional. Awesome place to go for mediation. Quick and easy to get started. I would recommend to anyone needing a divorce ASAP! These guys are awesome! Actually, Angela to be specific! She helped me with my cheap divorce - and got me the divorce forms I needed. I had filed with another website, and the judge rejected them!

If you need a divorce in Oklahoma, get with Express Docs!! I'm so very pleased with the service that Express provided. Angie, and the rest of the staff, were so helpful, and did everything to make it happen. Thank you Angie!!! Eric is extremely professional. Same — Lien Upon Homestead — Enforcement.

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Where, in a divorce, alimony in money is decreed, which is adjudged to be a lien upon all the real estate owned by the defendant in the state, the homestead of the defendant, owned at the time such judgment is rendered, may be legally levied upon and sold for the payment of the said alimony. Harrison, J.

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Clay, Judge. From order dissolving second temporary injunction restraining sale of land on execution, plaintiff, John Haven, brings error; defendants in error being R. Trammell, sheriff, and Ruby Harriman. Baird, A. Pearson, S. Grimm, and W. Taylor, for defendants in error. On July 11, , Ruby Haven, now Ruby Harriman filed her petition for decree of absolute divorce of and from John Haven, hereafter designated plaintiff, in which she prayed for an absolute divorce, attorney's fees, costs, and for general relief.

A temporary injunction was granted by the county judge, in the absence of the district judge from the county, restraining the sheriff from selling said lands, which temporary injunction was dissolved by the district court. Thereafter, a second temporary injunction, identical as to statements made and relief prayed, was granted, and dissolved, the court making the following findings of facts:.

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That the judgment has not been paid; that execution has been issued against the defendant and levied upon his real estate; that the sale thereof was stayed by a temporary injunction, which was dissolved by this court, as shown by the journal entry of judgment introduced in this cause; that thereafter another execution was issued on the same property and was again levied upon the land of the defendant in this cause; that the land upon which the execution is levied is the homestead of the defendant and his mother and two children which he is raising; that he has about six hundred dollars' worth of personal property — the value of the land has not been shown.

A timely motion for a new trial was made, which was overruled and exception saved, and the plaintiff gave notice in open court of his intention to appeal from the judgment of the trial court dissolving said second temporary injunction to the Supreme Court of Oklahoma, and perfected this appeal. The plaintiff, in support of his contention "that the court committed reversible error in dissolving said second temporary injunction", urges, among other grounds which we deem unnecessary to recite, the following grounds:.

The record discloses that neither one of said temporary injunctions was obtained cotemporary with the action for divorce, but both are separate and independent collateral attacks upon the judgment and decree rendered in said action; that the order dissolving the first temporary injunction was not appealed from; that the parties, the subject-matter, and relief prayed are identical in each of said temporary injunctions, and therefore the judgment in dissolving the said first injunction is a complete bar to the case at issue, and it follows that the said second temporary injunction wag res judicata, and the court did not err in dissolving said second temporary injunction.

In Baker v.