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Find the Capital Provider Right for You. The NIC Lender Locator is an online directory of the major active providers of capital to the seniors housing and care industry. The NIC Lender Locator helps you narrow your search based on the Property Type All PropertyTypes, Active Adult, Assisted Living, Assisted Living with.
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Investing in Senior Living Facilities

For starters, you should know who manages the company. In others words, you should have many of the same questions that you would ask and research before investing in Apple, IBM or any other individual stock. Beyond the questions above, you should first find out how the REIT makes its money. Within this broad category, there are REITs that invest in senior-oriented apartments and communities, assisted living facilities and related properties, such as medical buildings.

Like many trends we see across the business world when companies spot the potential for profit, they tend to jump into a business segment. Senior housing is no exception.

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While the demographics are favorable to senior-living facilities of all types, an oversupply could cut into their profitability and thus the profitability and cash flow of REITs investing in these properties. One of the features of most REITs is that they throw off significant dividend income. Before investing in them, however, it pays to consider several points.

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Second, higher interest rates are the enemy of all REITs, and investors need to ask themselves how an interest rate hike will impact any REIT they are considering. Lastly, while the demographic trends are favorable, it is important to stay on top of the supply of senior housing in relation to the potential demand.

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Investopedia uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. By using Investopedia, you accept our. Entry-fee CCRCs are proving particuarly difficult to finance in this economy. Spreads have widened, increasing the cost of borrowing tax-exempt funds. Investment income is down, making it much tougher at least theoretically for organizations to part with cash. And tax-exempt funds may not be used to acquire independent living. The few CCRCs that do change hands are often sold to a for-profit entity that repositions the property as a straight rental community.

Stabilized vs. Non-stabilized assets are much more problematic. They consume cash rather than generate it. Investors require a higher rate of return compared to stabilized assets. And determining when the property will become stabilized is difficult given the current economy. For non-stabilized skilled nursing facilities, he looks at a gross income multiple—typically ranging from 0.

In the heyday, when a lot of very inexpensive capital was available in terms of both equity and debt, a lot of non-traditional players were willing to take on non-stabilized assets, valuing them based upon a pro forma of what the community would be like once it was stabilized.

What are the borrower requirements e.

Private equity firm made struggling care home operator take costly loan

Who pays for the reserves that are already on hand? You'll meet real people rewarded by helping others. It's that simple. Specializing in assisted living and memory care, we research, analyze, prepare, and interpret our market reports and resultant recommendations with emphasis on specific brand fit and the product model's unique design and benefit to the market. Our reports evaluate comprehensive market elements including demographics, demand, competitive supply, state regulation, and market strengths and insufficiencies.

Our proficiency is enhanced by years of experience and expertise in management, operations, sales and marketing within the senior living industry, affording us and ultimately our clients a thorough knowledge of a specific market and its unique trends and needs. In this way, we are able to present summaries and recommendations designed for success, rather than a generic market study that may present facts the science without regard to market exceptionalities the art. In the senior living industry, one size does not fit all.

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Sagely is a leading provider of technology tools, marrying the power of software, data, and the human element to empower caregivers, elders and their families to improve the well-being of seniors. The Sagely Efficiency program and Enterprise features have been implemented in Watercrest Senior Living communities throughout the southeast.

These tools measure and provide understanding of resident engagement, which improves the effectiveness of wellness programs and each resident's journey to well-being. Kemp praises the Sagely system for providing critical resident wellness data, enhancing multi-level communication, and improving team efficiency. Engagement directors can streamline their workflows, save numerous hours on administrative functions, and spend more meaningful time with residents.

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Proliant delivers fully integrated, cloud-based People Tools that simplify payroll and all HR processes while improving accuracy and ensuring full industry compliance for over customers in multiple industries in all 50 states. Contact Us. Our Partners. Index International At Index International we pride ourselves in looking for sound business projects that create and bring added value of life. Their operating culture resonated with us, as did the depth of their relationships with bankers, architects, and other key professionals.

Our team met Marc and Joanie in Shanghai back in and we have put together an outstanding program to bring together high quality, shovel ready projects with qualified investors. Watercrest brings the development, operational and marketing expertise to our partnership ensuring our projects will be highly successful". Equity, Inc. Steve Wathen, Chief Executive Officer "When we decided to expand our healthcare development experience into senior living, we met with numerous operators to find the right partner whose values were aligned with ours.

Watercrest stood out as being uniquely qualified with their knowledge and experience but it was their culture of servant leadership that truly resonated with us". United Properties United Properties develops and invests in commercial real estate, creating award-winning projects that create special places in our communities in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Colorado, and Florida. LifeBuilt Architecture LifeBuilt Architecture is a design firm specializing in senior housing with over twenty-five years of experience in multifamily, retail, office and renovations.

Ryan A. From the beginning, Watercrest has shown a culture of trust, experience and expertise that exemplify their philosophy. I appreciate the working relationship and look forward to being a part of the creative vision for future properties! We are honored to be working with Watercrest, sharing the same passion for operational excellence in their communities. Shiel Sexton Shiel Sexton is a Construction Manager and General Contractor with over 50 years in providing the highest quality construction services available.

It shows in their quality of care, attention to detail in their facilities, and relentless search and development of great people. Their work is about more than development and operating — it is all about the people.

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We are delighted and fortunate to be part of the Watercrest team. Lance Walker, Jr. Our firms shared values and integrity in building relationships and in building great communities together is a true collaboration. Having provided nearly 35 years of engineering services for the development industry, we consider Watercrest to be one of the most prestigious, honorable and unifying companies we have had the pleasure of working with.

We look forward to our continued partnership with Watercrest and being part of a family whose mission is to welcome, to care and to serve.