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A lot of people presume that just because the crime rates of the area are fairly low , there is no need to conduct arrest warrant searches in Livingston County, KY.
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Livingston County Jail Demographics. County Jail Statistics.

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Local Jail, Pretrial and Admit Rates. Livingston County Incarceration Rates. Similar Counties to Livingston County. There is not enough data to compare these counties.

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County Jail Statistics

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  • Kentucky State Police arrest Livingston Co. man accused of rape, other charges.
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  • Leary v. Livingston County, F.3d | Casetext.

A sexual crime is committed and it's all on video tape 2 different views on And 2 weeks later you still have not picked up the tape after making statements and filing an T. I have left a message for your sheriff Davidson to give me a call haven't received any calls.

But bet your ass if someone was to take it into there own hands we would be locked up in a heart beat. It seems like these kinds of behaviour of the offender with all that's going on the news and sexual assaults all over our country is failing in your county..

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This is ridiculous Livingston county a women is violated and sexual exposure is on tape and your taking no seriousness to this offense.. See More. December 16, Steven Cheswick - there may be a more sinister reason, that their Department isn't very responsive t The corruption was even more widespread than that.

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I fled the Country on August 6, , over 20 months ago to abate the false arrest I knew there was something bad wrong with their Deputy so I did some digging and found out that he has a long history of false arrest and even appears to have been a youth rapist before they hired him. David's past didn't seem to bother the Sheriff none. No pre-employment screening just "here's a badge, here's a gun - go have some fun". June 30, Sheriff Bobby Davidson has done an excellent job.