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If you have a new phone line or just don't know your number since you never personally call it, you may ask, "So, how can I find my phone.
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How to find the phone number of my Samsung Galaxy S III

Enter any U. Phone Number. Okay with or without dashes. This is often how telemarketers get your numbers so, basically, make sure you read the small print so you don't get caught out. If a message is from a company you trust or from a five digit number, replying 'STOP' should do the job and you shouldn't be charged.

Mobile phone number Tracking - Owner info

Replying will just confirm your number is a valid one and you may start seeing a lot more communications from them. Instead, report the message to your network operator by forwarding the message to it spells SPAM on the keypad - clever huh? BT has a directory service which lets you find telephone numbers and addresses over the phone, online, or in the good old-fashioned phone book.

But if you don't want your details to show up, you do have the option to sign up to the Ex-Directory scheme. You can always report phone numbers to your network operator and find out what services they offer in terms of blocking calls although they may charge for it. If nothing else is working, think about complaining to the company and asking them to stop.

This could be the most simple solution. The caller has to give you the organisation's name, address or a free phone number if you ask for it so that you can get in touch. You can also complain to the Information Commissioner's Office and the regulator may decide to take action against the company.

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If you do that, it could be handy to make a note of the time and date of the call, the phone number if you have it and the company's name - but it's not essential. If all else fails Screen your calls and only answer those from numbers you know. You may miss some calls and it won't stop the phone from ringing - but it will guarantee you won't have to hear any more sales pitches on the phone.

see Newsbeat Navigation. Here are some top tips on how to stop yourself from falling victim to those annoying calls. The law You may think that cold calling is just a part of life you have to put up with but it's actually against the law.