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Goth is defined by the lexicographers at Oxford Dictionaries as A member of a 1A member of a Germanic people that invaded the Roman Empire from the east founded a kingdom in Italy, while the Visigoths went on to found one in Spain.
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Scharf, Natasha Worldwide Gothic: A Chronicle of a Tribe. A global view of the goth scene from its birth in the late s to the present day. Vas, Abdul Athanaric and Fritigern thereafter fought a civil war in which Athanaric appears to have been victorious.

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  • Athanaric thereafter carried out a crackdown on Christianity in his realm. A source for this period is Ammianus Marcellinus. He wrote that Hunnic domination of the Gothic kingdoms in Scythia began in the s.

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    The sagas recall that Gizur , king of the Geats , came to the aid of the Goths in an epic conflict with the Huns. It is possible that the Hunnic attack came as a response to the Gothic eastwards expansion. Christopher I. Beckwith suggests that the Hunnic thrust into Europe and the Roman Empire was an attempt to subdue independent Goths in the west. Although the Huns successfully subdued many of the Goths, who joined their ranks, Fritigern approached the Eastern Roman emperor Valens in with a portion of his people and asked to be allowed to settle on the south bank of the Danube.

    Valens permitted this, and even assisted the Goths in their crossing of the river probably at the fortress of Durostorum. Mistreated by corrupt local Roman officials, the Gothic refugees were soon experiencing a famine; some are recorded having being forced to sell their children to Roman slave traders in return for rotten dog meat. The ensuing conflict, known as the Gothic War , lasted for several years. Meanwhile, a group of Greuthungi, led by the chieftains Alatheus and Saphrax , who were co-regents for Vithericus, son and heir of the Greuthungi king Vithimiris , crossed the Danube without Roman permission.

    The Gothic War culminated in the Battle of Adrianople in , in which the Romans were badly defeated and Valens was killed. Fearing rebellion, Julian lured the Goths into the confines of urban streets from which they could not escape and massacred soldiers and civilians alike. As word spread, the Goths rioted throughout the region, and large numbers were killed. Survivors may have settled in Phrygia. With the rise of Theodosius I in , the Romans launched a renewed offensive to subdue Fritigern and his followers. In the aftermath of the Hunnic onslaught, two major groups of Goths emerged, the Visigoths and Ostrogoths.

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    Procopius interpreted the name Visigoth as "western Goths" and the name Ostrogoth as "eastern Goth", reflecting the geographic distribution of the Gothic realms at that time. A people closely related to the Goths, the Gepids, were also living under Hunnic domination. A smaller group of Goths were the Crimean Goths , who remained in Crimea and maintained their Gothic identity well into the Middle Ages. Following Theodosius' treaty, Visigoths received prominent positions in the Roman army. The Visigoths suffered heavy losses while serving Theodosius in the civil war of against Eugenius and Arbogast.

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    • In the spring of , Tribigild , the Gothic leader in charge of troops in Nakoleia , rose up in rebellion and defeated the first imperial army sent against him, possibly seeking to emulate Alaric's successes in the west. This attempt was however thwarted by the pro-Roman Goth Fravitta , and in the aftermath, thousands of Gothic civilians were massacred in Constantinople, many being burned alive in the local Arian church where they had taken shelter. Their descendants, who formed the elite Optimatoi regiment, still lived there in the early 8th century.

      While they were largely assimilated, their Gothic origin was still well-known: the chronicler Theophanes the Confessor calls them Gothograeci. In and , Alaric made two attempts at invading Italy, but was defeated by Stilicho. In , another Gothic leader, Radagaisus , also attempted to invade Italy, but was defeated by Stilicho. In , the Western Roman emperor Flavius Honorius ordered the execution of Stilicho and his family, then incited the Roman population to massacre tens of thousands of wives and children of Goths serving in the Roman military.

      Subsequently, around 30, Gothic soldiers defected to Alaric.