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Office Address: Townsend Street Suite # Lansing, MI Mailing Address: Senator Rick Outman P.O. Box Lansing, MI
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Retrieved January 20, Mike Huckabee Michael Dale Huckabee is an American politician and Christian minister who served as the 44th governor of Arkansas from to He was a candidate in the United States Republican presidential primaries in both and Beginning in , Huckabee hosted the Fox News Channel talk show Huckabee, ending the show in January in order to explore a potential bid for the presidency. Huckabee is the author of several best-selling books, an ordained Southern Baptist minister noted for his evangelical views, a musician, a public speaker, he is a political commentator on The Huckabee Report.

In the Republican presidential primaries , Huckabee won the Iowa Republican caucuses and finished second in delegate count and third in both popular vote and number of states won, behind John McCain and Mitt Romney. Huckabee ran again for the Republican nomination in the presidential election , suspending his campaign on February 1, and becoming one of Donald Trump's most ardent supporters. Huckabee is of English and Scots-Irish ancestry, with roots in America dating to the Colonial Era, he has cited his working-class upbringing as the reason for his political views.

His first job, when he was 14, was at a radio station, where he read the weather, he was elected governor of Arkansas by his chapter of the American Legion-sponsored Boys State program in He was student council vice president at Hope High School during the —72 school year, he was student council president at Hope High School during the —73 school year.

He dropped out of the seminary after one year. At age 21, Huckabee was a staffer for televangelist James Robison.

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Robison commented, "His convictions shape his character and his character will shape his policies, his whole life has been shaped by moral absolutes. Huckabee started hour television stations in both Pine Bluff and Texarkana, where he produced documentaries and hosted a program called Positive Alternatives, he encouraged the all-white Immanuel Baptist Church to accept black members in the mids. Years he wrote about the insights he gained as a minister: My experience dealing every day with real people who were genuinely affected by policies created by government gave me a deep understanding of the fragility of the human spirit and vulnerability of so many families who struggled from week to week.

Huckabee won and served as president from to In Huckabee's first political race in , he lost to incumbent Democratic senator Dale Bumpers , receiving 40 percent of the vote in the general election. In the same election, Arkansas governor Bill Clinton was elected president, making lieutenant governor Jim Guy Tucker the new governor when Clinton resigned the governorship. In , Republican state chairman Asa Hutchinson urged Huckabee to run in the special election for lieutenant governor held on July Realizing his loss came among key conservative Democrats, Huckabee ran a decidedly conservative campaign.

In the subsequent general election, he defeated Nate Coulter , Bumpers's campaign manager the previous year, 51—49 percent. Huckabee became the second Republican since Reconstruction to serve as Arkansas lieutenant governor, the first having been Maurice Britt from to In his autobiography From Hope to Higher Ground , Huckabee recalled the chilly reception that he received from the Arkansas Democratic establishment on his election as lieutenant governor: "The doors to my office were spitefully nailed shut from the inside, office furniture and equipment were removed, the budget spent down to nothing prior to our arriving.

After fifty-nine days of public outcry, the doors were opened for me to occupy the actual office I had been elected to hold two months earlier. Huckabee commented that Morris was a "personal friend". A newspaper article reported on. The population was 8, at the census. Greenville is named after its founder, John Green , who settled in the wilderness of the southwest part of Montcalm County in John Green constructed a sawmill on the Flat River , credited for attracting other settlers; the newly formed Green's Village attracted many people of Danish origin who followed another early Danish settler's positive letters home regarding the area.

Because of the town's heritage, Greenville celebrates the Danish Festival every year on the third weekend of August. A post office was established on January , with Abel French as the first postmaster. Greenville incorporated as a village in and as a city in Hendrik Meijer , founder of Meijer's stores, moved to Greenville after immigrating to the USA from the Netherlands , he was a barber, but the Great Depression and lack of a proper grocery on his side of town led him to open his own store in Meijer corporation now operates stores throughout the Midwest.

Hendrik's son Fred Meijer , principal architect of the modern Meijer chain, is a native son. Greenville is home to the Fighting Falcon, the lead plane of a wave of gliders during Operation Overlord ; the Falcon was purchased with funds raised by the school children of the town, was designated the lead aircraft in recognition of this achievement.

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Since the foundation of Ranney Refrigerator Co. The city was to become the epicenter of "green" technology with the addition of solar panel manufacturer United Solar Ovonic, it is home to the new manufacturing and design center of Northland Marvel, an undercounter refrigeration company that just became a part of the UK-based AgaRangemaster group. Baldwin Lake Beach offers a pavilion and two acres of white sand beach on the cool shores of Baldwin Lake; the swimming area is small with no docks in water off the beach. The pavilion has changing rooms.

No lifeguard oversees swimmers. Greenville has a well-developed trail system; the eight mile long Fred Meijer Flat River Trail connects Greenville's major parks and circumnavigates the city.

Outman to win GOP state Senate primary; Dems too close to call

Greenville is the terminus of the 41 mile long Fred Meijer Heartland Trail; this trail connects Greenville to Alma, various other communities in Montcalm and Gratiot counties. Greenville offers miles of cross country skiing trails at both the Greenville Community Center and along the snow-covered bike trails in the winter. Greenville has a proud culture of ice shanty building and annually displays some of its most technologically advanced creations on the area's many fishing lakes; this historic stadium was carved into a hillside south of the Union School building and was home to Greenville High School's football team since The field was donated to the school by Dr.

Black and was dedicated on October 15, ; this field has since been retired and a new stadium has been built on site at Greenville Senior High This historical structure was built in and was the Cass St School building. The building was used as the Board of Education before being renovated and turned into the Fighting Falcon Museum; the multi steepled First Congregational Church was completed on June 6, The front of the building is adorned with a twelve foot wide rose window ; this building is the second First Congregational Church in Greenville.

Full text of "Census of the state of Michigan, .."

Greenville's original shopping district on Lafayette street showcases early 20th century architecture from the bluffs of the Flat River to Greenville's city hall. Among longtime local businesses is Kemp Insurance Sure, located on Lafayette since Several buildings are undergoing facade renovation, restoring them to original construction. A copy of Denmark's the little mermaid sits along the banks of the Flat River; this little statue generated an international controversy when the City of Greenville was sued for copyright infringement by the heirs of the original sculptor , Edvard Eriksen It was on this site on the banks of the Flat River that John Green built his cabin, a dam across the flat river, the sawmill that brought jobs and the village's first residents.

The Washington Street Armory was un-commissioned after the completion of the modern armory, built next door.

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In it was converted into a roller rink. The story book castle murals were completed by Eston King. A fire in caused extensive damage to the roof and it was demolished in ; the third weekend in August brings Greenvillians from around the world back to Greenville. This festival celebrates Greenville's Danish heritage as well as its modern-day M. There are members, each of whom is elected from constituencies having 77, to 91, residents, based on population figures from the U.

Members are elected in even-numbered years and take office at 12 p. Concurrently with the Michigan Senate , the House first convenes on the second Wednesday in January, according to the state constitution; each member is limited to serving three terms of two years. The House meets in the north wing of the Michigan Capitol in Lansing. Members of the Michigan House of Representatives are referred to as representatives; because this mirrors the terminology used to describe members of Congress and news media, abiding by the Associated Press guidelines for journalists refer to members as state representatives to avoid confusion with their federal counterparts.

As elected officials, members of the Michigan House of Representatives receive the courtesy title of the Honorable for life. The Speaker calls the House to order at the hour to which the House last adjourned, preserves order and decorum in the chamber, recognizes Members to speak, puts all questions; the Speaker is the chief administrator of the House and is technically the employer of all legislative staff.

There is a Speaker pro tempore and two associate Speakers pro tempore who preside in the absence of the Speaker; the full duties of the Speaker are described in Chapter II of the Rules of the House. The Clerk of the House of Representatives is elected by Members of the House at the beginning of each two-year term. The 33rd and current clerk is Gary L. Randall served as clerk from to ; the assistant clerk is Richard J. Brown , who served as clerk from to Both Randall and Brown are former Members of the House.

Under the rules of the House, the clerk is the parliamentarian of the House, presides in the absence of the Speaker or any Speaker pro tempore, takes roll at the beginning of each session day and announces whether or not a quorum is present, prepares the official calendar and journal of the House, is responsible for the care and preservation of all bills introduced in the House, for bills sent from the Senate until they are returned to the Senate; the sergeant at arms of the House of Representatives is the chief police officer of the House, appointed by the Speaker.

The current chief sergeant at arms is Jr.. The chief sergeant and the assistant sergeants are empowered as law enforcement officers by statute. The sergeants at arms have authority to serve subpoenas and warrants issued by the House or any duly authorized officer or committee, see that all visitors are seated and at no time are standing on the floor or balconies of the House, ensure that reasonable decorum is maintained in the lobby in front of the entrance to the chamber to ensure access for Members and to ensure equal treatment for all citizens.

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Article IV of the Michigan Constitution authorizes each house of the Legislature to "establish the committees necessary for the conduct of its business. Members of committees and their chairmen are appointed by the Speaker. Bills are referred to a committee by the Speaker, the chairman of a committee sets its agenda, including whether or not a bill will be reported to the full House; the Committee on Appropriations divides its work among subcommittees ordinarily structured by state department or major budget area.

There are four statutory standing committees: Joint Committee on Administrative Rules. Unlike the Senate, the House does not utilize the committee of the whole; the House Fiscal Agency is a nonpartisan agency within the House of Representatives which provides nonpartisan expertise to members of the House Appropriations Committee, as well as all other Members of the House.

Fiscal analysts review the governor's budget recommendation and prepare budget bills, supplemental appropriations, certain transfer requests, provide fiscal impact statements on legislative proposals, monitor state and national situations that may have budgetary implications and analyze fiscal issues, prepare reports and documents to assist legislative deliberations, prepare special reports at the request of Representatives; the economist analyzes legislation related to tax and lottery issues, respond to Representatives' inquiries regarding state tax revenue, revenue sharing, other economic issues, monitors state revenue, tracks state, national economic conditions, prepares reports on revenue and other economic issues.

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Legislative analysts prepare concise, nonpartisan analyses of bills. Summaries, completed prior to committee deliberations, describe how a bill would change current law, including any fiscal impact. Analyses are prepared for bills reported to the full House from committee and include, with the summary informat. The population was 11, at the census; every July it hosts.

The city is within Ionia Township , with small portion extending into Easton Township and Berlin Township , but is politically autonomous of the townships. Before Euro-American migration, this was the location of an Odawa village; the leader of the Odaw here was Cobmoosa.

His people planted crops here in but when Dexter and his associates arrived, they sold these crops to Dexter and relocated to the Flat River. In the s, they were relocated to Oceana County. Platted in Incorporated as a village in Organized into a city in According to the United States Census Bureau , the city has a total area of 5.

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Ionia is between Michigan's capital and its second largest city, Grand Rapids. This climatic region is typified by large seasonal temperature differences, with warm to hot summers and cold winters. This region is prone to dense and heavy fog, along with flooding due to the Grand River that flows through the city, during the spring. Outman, having known Millard for many years, said it has been rewarding to watch her grow, from playfully competing to see who was the best hay bailer Millard was elected as county clerk in , and is currently working her fifth consecutive term at the position.

An additional award, signed by Gov. Rick Snyder and Lt. Brian Calley recognizing Millard for the honor, will also be given to her.

Incumbent Hauck wins 99th District State House seat, Outman wins in 33rd District State Senate race

Outman said critics of the hotline have pointed out that Michigan already has a State Police hotline, however, he believes the current hotlines and outlets for students are ineffective. Emmons said she was disappointed the legislation was not signed into law in time for the school year, but said she is confident it will aid immediately aid students once it passes through the House of Representatives and is signed by Gov. Rick Snyder.

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