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Yellow pages Directory websites are one of the very useful forms of online directories. If you are planning to create your own Yellow pages.
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Each listing is provided with a rating system that is updated by the users. It is possible to search for people, businesses, and coupons on this directory. Dex Knows provides information about the businesses in the local neighbourhood. The listings can be viewed on the basis of categories or by their location. The site claims to have listings of more than , businesses in the United States. This site primarily provides information of the businesses based in Australia.

Some of the features of the site include the ability to compare businesses, read about the ratings and reviews. Local businesses can also submit their listings for free. It also has a reverse search tool that allows users to search for the same based on the contact number. The site also offers links to its mobile apps. This site provides information about the businesses in Switzerland.

It claims to have more than 3 million visitors each month. It offers the ability to search for businesses based on categories, name, or location. The site offers local search option with review and rating options for their users.

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The data of businesses currently provided through LocalEZE. Business owners can also submit their business online. Local business directories mostly offer categorized way to search businesses. Many of them also offer reviews and rating for businesses. This local business directory helps users voluntarily provide listings of their business.

Users can upload the details of their business completely free of charge. This also offers the ability to promote the business through the Google AdWords Express. Users need to verify their physical address to list their business.

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Since results are embedded in Google search results, Google local is very popular among many local businesses. Results can be also viewed through their Google map. The another search engine giant Bing offers local listings that can be searched based on the name or location. The results also include a map showing its location.

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The site also offers users the ability to add listings of their businesses. The site also helps visitors search for local businesses based on the name or location. Users can also write reviews of the businesses they have tried recently. Yelp provides access to information about the local businesses throughout the world. The site offers information about a particular city like food, nightlife, shopping, bars, and restaurant. Users can also offer their reviews of a particular listing. This directory provides all the latest news and discussions about all the major cities across the world. There are polls for the users to vote on their take on the subjects. Events and other information of a particular city is also available.

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This online business directory from search engine ASK. It is possible to search for listings based on the state, city, or zip code. The site also provides information about featured services and cities. This directory provides local business listings, city photos, happening events, news, and other information of major cities in the United States and Canada. The site claims to have more than 30, listings of local businesses and 1.

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This provides listings of businesses across various categories like accommodation, healthcare, and entertainment. Reviews of the listings present within each category are also available along with the driving directions. The site also has a special section for users to share their experiences in the form of photos. It also has numerous articles spent across categories like food, finance, household, and entertainment. This site offers the ability to get information about the local merchants including driving directions and reviews.

It is also possible to ask for free coupons from the merchants, while free advices can also be got from merchant experts. This site is a division of the City Search site that is primarily concerned with cities in the United States, while the site offers information about Portland, Oregon. Users can explore, discover, and recommend to other users on this directory. This is the US division of the popular Indian local business directory. Maybe that means the basic plan on Yellow Pages is the right choice for you. It could also mean you want to take out physical and digital ads.

Of course, choosing to use Yellow Pages is ultimately up to you. But from a more general perspective, Yellow Pages is a good investment if you have an idea of what it can do for you. At WebFX, we know the value of local citations and the power they carry for companies in all industries — especially when you work with local customers!

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